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2. Ayman A. E. Othman, Mayar A. Ghaly, Nazirah Zainul Abidin:

Lean Principles: An Innovative Approach for Achieving Sustainability in the Egyptian Construction Industry


In spite of the economic and social contributions of the Construction Industry (CI) in terms of achieving national and international development plans, offering employment opportunities, increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as well as providing community members with buildings and infrastructure projects that meet their needs and fulfil their requirements, it has a major impact on the environment. The construction industry is a very large consumer of non-renewable resources. In addition, it is a significant source of waste and pollution of air and water as well as an important contributor to land dereliction. Furthermore, it is responsible for 50% of the material resources taken from nature, 40% of energy consumed and 50% of total waste generated. Towards saving the planet, it became crucial to stop the depletion of the natural capitals of the earth thorough developing creative and innovative solutions that achieve the objectives of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This paper aims to investigate the role of Lean Principles (LPs) as an innovative approach for achieving sustainability in the Egyptian Construction Industry (ECI). Towards achieving this aim, a research methodology consisting of literature review, case studies and survey questionnaire, is designed to accomplish five objectives. Firstly, reviewing literature related to sustainability, (LPs) and highlighting their relationship as well as discussing the ability of (LPs) to achieve sustainability objectives. Secondly, presenting and analysing four case studies benefited from applying (LPs) to deliver sustainable projects. Thirdly, presenting and analysing results of a survey questionnaire directed to a sample of Egyptian Construction Firms (ECFs) to investigate their perception and application of (LPs) towards achieving sustainability objectives. Fourthly, developing a conceptual framework to promote the use of (LPs) as an innovative tool for achieving sustainability in (ECI). Finally, summarising research conclusions and recommendations useful to governmental authorities and construction professionals.