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4. Zlatko Barilović, Mirna Leko Šimić, Helena Štimac:

Marketing Orientation Of Educational Institutions In The Field Of Project Management


In the conditions of modern business, all business systems, therefore also in the field of construction,need to find new solutions on a daily basis in order to maintain and increase their competitiveness on the market. It is possible to achieve competitiveness primarily by performing non-standard procedures, such as projects. Having in mind that the number of projects is constantly rising in the world, it is necessary to achieve the highest possible level of successful and efficiently carried out projects. In order to achieve this it is necessary to develop certain elements of project competence in people who participate in planning, preparing and conducting projects. Developing these competences is possible by combining knowledge and experience, primarily through a lifelong learning process. Since the number of organizations that carry out certain forms of formal or informal education in the field of project management is rising in the Republic of Croatia, each of these institutions needs to build their competitiveness on the implementation of a marketing business concept. Because of the aforementioned reasons the authors analyse the supply of educational services in the field of project management in the Republic of Croatia, with a special overview of the specialist graduate professional study of Project Management conducted at the “B. A. Krčelić“ College of Business and Management in Zaprešić. This paper places an emphasis on projects based on the marketing orientation of the study, by means of which the College increases the quality of its educational services and tries to achieve a competitive advantage on the educational market.