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1. Agnese Travaglini, Mladen Radujkovic, Mauro Mancini:

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Project Management: a Stakeholders Perspective


Construction projects are becoming much more complex and difficult to manage. As a response Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been developing at a very fast pace. The major shift in ICT for the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector is the spreading of Building Information Modeling (BIM) (Bryde, Broquetas, & Volm, 2013). BIM is a system and its main objective is the managing of the information and because of that it is also a project management matter. Our research work is originated from the understanding of the managerial relationship gap between the two realities of BIM and project management. In particular this paper aims at addressing this gap from a specific perspective: stakeholders. Stakeholder management is one of the most important project critical success factors, as project success highly depends on stakeholders' satisfaction. The goal is relevant for both practitioners and educators. The exploration is done mainly through the literature review, but it is also strongly supported by the collection of primary data. The second source regards direct interviews to a portfolio of stakeholders of the AEC industry, e.g. project managers, architects, BIM experts, software resellers, building developer owners, innovation managers. The findings regard the classification of the key stakeholders in BIM adoption and the contextual situation in the different European countries, with particular focus on the role of the Governments.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling (BIM), Project management, Stakeholder, Government