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Organization, Technology & Management in Construction: An International Journal
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udc 62:658(05)

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1. Odysseus Manoliadis:
Labour Productivity benchmarking in greek projects

2.Pramendra Srivastava:
Wetting Risk Premiums in EPC Bid Value Using Monte Carlo Simulation

3. Uroš Klanšek:
Using The Traveling Salesman Problem Solution for Optimal Route Scheduling in Construction Management

4. Renata Schneiderova Heralova:
Sustainable Buildings: Market Value And Market Share

5. Iva Kovacic, Stefan Faatz, Sabine T. Koeszegi, Michael Filzmoser:
Research Project Cost Benefits Of Integrated Planning: First Experiment-Results

6. Cesar Hernandez, Javier Pajares, Adolfo Lopez-Paredes:
A Portfolio Inspired Metric for Project Selection in Construction Management

7. Elzbieta Radziszewska-Zielina:
Public Procurement Procedure in Construction in Poland and problems with its application

8. Zlata Dolaček-Alduk, Miroslav Blanda:
Concrete Structures' Quality Control in Practice