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4. Jajac Niksa, Knezic Snjezana, Marovic Ivan:

Decision support system to urban infrastructure maintenance management


Life-cycle management of urban infrastructure projects is very complex process from both management and economic aspects. Focus of this research is on urban infrastructure maintenance phase of a life-cycle, especially on decision making in maintenance problems. Urban infrastructure maintenance management deals with complex decision making process. The reasons for a complexity are: lots of participants, multi disciplinarity, huge quantity of information, limited budget, conflict goals and criteria. These facts indicate that decision making processes in urban infrastructure management undoubtedly belong to ill-defined problems. In order to cope with such complexity and to help project managers during decision making processes this research proposes an application of multicriteria methods. Multicriteria methodology proposed herein is applied on priority setting problem. It starts with goal analysis followed by definition of urban infrastructure elements and development of adequate criteria set. Evaluation of criteria importance (weights) is based on a set of experts’ opinions processed by AHP method. An assessment of maintenance conditions of urban infrastructure elements is provided trough monitoring process. The way of using proper forms and procedures for data collection is presented as well. All collected data are processed by PROMETHEE multicriteria methods. The main result of a multicriteria process is priority maintenance list for urban infrastructure elements. The methodology is tested on road infrastructure of town of Split.


maintenance management, decision support, urban
infrastructure, multicriteria methods