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2. Antonios Panas, John - Paris Pantouvakis:

An empirical framework for the performance-based evaluation of health and safety's contribution to sustainable construction



The current approach to construction health and safety (H&S) and sustainable construction underestimates the role of production practices and focuses mainly to the formulation of general guidelines and best-practice policies. This paper aims at exploring the role of H&S in achieving sustainability for projects from a different perspective. A conceptual model is formulated, enabling the integration of H&S and sustainability under the prism of productivity. An empirical framework is subsequently presented to evaluate the relationship workers’ health, as expressed by their thermal comfort and environmental parameters, in productivity estimation. A structured data elicitation approach is established for conducting valid field measurements. Process mapping and simulation-based analysis is used for the comparative analysis of productivity forecasting models. An exemplar investigation of formwork operations illustrates the applicability of the proposed approach. The main conclusion from the study is that the implementation of the empirical framework enables the creation of foresight in planning construction operations by analysing productivity variations compared to baseline estimates. Thus, the effect of H&S on performance is quantified and the expected productivity variability can be evaluated. It is believed that such an approach provides a more realistic representation of construction operations and improves the accuracy of the estimating process.


Construction, health, productivity, safety, thermal comfort